From The Stands - South Florida

Sep 15, 2018

I always do these warnings, but this is a WARNING warning. This one is so dumb. Trying to recapture the magic of the final drive against Nebraska in 2015, I started recording when we got to the 50 on our final drive. And then we didn't score. And then I rambled on for maybe 12 more minutes saying NOTHING. Seriously, nothing.

The only reason I'm posting this is because From The Stands is supposed to be my immediate thoughts. And these were my immediate thoughts. But they're so incoherent and whiny that I'm asking you to not listen.

OK, is that enough set up? Here it is. (It's soo dumb.)


HiggsBoson on September 15 @ 07:36 PM CDT

Just think how good this team might possibly be if it had all of the guys who are injured, plus the ones Lovie suspended or ran off, and the ones not academically eligible despite having tutors and such.

On the other hand, Lovie's plan for getting to hang out around football with his pals while collecting a fat check for the first five years of his retirement is going swimmingly.

HailToTheOrange on September 16 @ 12:14 AM CDT

Ummmm. What?

ktal on September 15 @ 07:48 PM CDT

So close. That hurt.

BUT...look at the predictions, and appreciate the fact that we had a chance to win on the final play of the game. We're demonstrably moving in the right direction. That, more than anything, is what I've been wanting to see.

Go Illini!

neale stoner on September 15 @ 07:53 PM CDT

From the stands would be much better if the game has ended. Again, we seem to be on the 21 point plan. Yes, USF helped us with undisciplined play. But one of the youngest teams was better! If you think we’re not coached well (yes, conservatively) look at FSU. Loaded with studs. Can’t lineup. IMO, we’re on plan. Have chances in remaining games.

DGMac on September 15 @ 10:56 PM CDT

Head up Robert. 620 yds is a lot, but Lovie’s D is bend don’t break, force turnovers and avoid big plays. Did the first two tonight, and failure on third had a lot to do with the suspensions - walk-on safety in there on the fatal bomb. Lovie also big on special teams, which were great tonight and have been consistently so. Lovie likes to run, and we had two 100 yd runners today. With AJ (or I. Williams next year) we run even better, put up a few more yards, and keep USF off the field more (reducing their yardage). Looks as if Lovie has a plan and we are gaining on getting it put into place. I was expecting a 25+ point loss. So I’ll take this result (even though though the win was tantalizingly close), and the encouraging improvement in play.

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