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Sep 21, 2018

I'm totally doing the same thing as I did for the Western Illinois game. Leave the stadium after the postgame press conference, head to the hotel with the intention of writing the postgame post, get to the hotel, and crash. So check back at 10:30 am. Gonna sleep now, then wake up, and see how I feel.

Sooo... I'm watching the fourth quarter, kinda hoping we'd cover (even though I predicted we would not), hoping that the final score would be something like 49-31 so we'd have something concrete to point to in this rebuild. And as it got out of hand, the opportunity to say that faded away.

I get into that in my postgame post. For now, here's my ramblings from the stands:


uofi08 on September 22 @ 12:59 AM CDT

Do you really agree with the excessive rotations or are you trying to talk yourself into it? I’m trying to be as positive as possible but that defense is atrocious. We didn’t force 1 punt. Something is very wrong with the d line and rush defense. No coincidence our old d line and run game coordinator is in the NFL and the new guy is 27 in his first full time assistant job. Lovie may need to change up the staff again.

You mention it feeling like they aren’t trying to win, and I agree with the observation. But I don’t agree with it being the right strategy. This is year 3 in the system. As smart as it might sound to develop depth, you have to start winning games and turning this thing around. Yes you’re not gonna beat a top ten team. But when you’re leading a conference game at home in the 3rd quarter, you make every effort to win!

Depth is great but wins have to come soon. Finish this year strong, and next year should be a continuation of growth and wins. Treat this year like preseason, rotating every possession and letting games get out of hand, and next year is a true hot-seat season.

ktal on September 22 @ 05:42 AM CDT

I hope we're still thinking about the future. Those rotations are going to be the difference maker for us. The same way in which teams with a short rotation burn out and get rolled in the second half of the game, they will get blown out from fatigue and injuries the entire second half of the season. [I fully believe that tired players are at greater risk of injury.] We need our best players healthy and ready to go late in the season if we're going to have a chance to post 5 wins.

This should be great news for you, Robert, because it means we're going to need to know the 4-Deep, not just the three deep. :)

This also plays into Lovie's recruiting strategy; it shows there's playing time to be had even if there's an entrenched starter who will still be only a junior next year.

Is Lovie's strategy working? Well, we just hung with a top-ten team through the bulk of three quarters. So yes, I think it is.

Go Illini.

Lassomatic on September 22 @ 10:35 AM CDT

Agree with uofi08 - the defense is atrocious and I fear Robert, that your dream of sporting a real team in Oct 2019 vs Michigan needs to be pushed out to 2021 or beyond.

Is it possible that our d-line talent really isn’t that good? Just too young and too mediocre?

Offensively - I have to tip my cap to Rod Smith, calling a great game and getting the most out of this offense. However - IMO - perhaps the biggest fail thus far in the Lovie era is that we are in year 3 and still don’t have a definitive answer for the future at QB. Bush might be a worthy stop-gap but then what, 3 years of M.J. or another inexperienced QB beats him out in Lovies year 4? Ugh.

I apologize on behalf of myself and the negative tone, this post was positive until we remembered who we were last night in the 4th. ;)

Go Illini (whimpering voice)

HailToTheOrange on September 22 @ 01:31 PM CDT

I think the whining and incessant hand-wringing of illini fans is way more painful than watching that fourth quarter. Three quarters of hanging with a top 10 (arguably overrated but still) team and we're whining whining whining, doubting, doubting, doubting. If it's this exhausting to read it it must be terribly exhausting to write it.

Go Illini!

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