Walkon Interviews

Sep 09, 2018

Note: If you're looking for my postgame article, it's not up yet. I got back to my hotel after the game, tried writing, found myself getting more and more frustrated, and decided to just try again tomorrow. My brain is a mess rght now. Maybe it will be better in the morning.

Anyway, my favorite part of the game tonight - the huge plays from walkons. I tweeted something in the third quarter about how the secondary was so depleted that we had a walkon at safety and corner. And then both of them got an interception. And Jordan Holmes had a catch and a big punt return (which was called back for a penalty). So I knew who I wanted to talk to after the game. Junior walkon cornerback Nolan Bernat and freshman walkon wide receiver Jordan Holmes.

Here are the two interviews - Holmes first, then Bernat. (And I really should have interviewed Michael Marchese as well, since he was the walkon who STARTED the game.)


neale stoner on September 09 @ 08:21 AM CDT

Terrific. Walkons contribute. Cheer up Robert. The glass is half full.

MoCoMdIllini on September 09 @ 11:02 AM CDT

Cheer up, indeed. We're presently tied for 5th in the nation in interceptions.

San Joaquin on September 09 @ 12:14 PM CDT

Game over the years has become more and more overly reliant on quarterbacks. I think we've got at least three this year that can move the ball more than any last year. Get our suspended and injured players back and this team can compete.

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