From The Stands - Rutgers

Nov 02, 2019

I was freaking out at halftime. You were too. Same Old Illinois. And then the thing we can... count on (?) happened and we ran away with the game despite the yards being basically even. So this is me walking from the stair tower to the field pondering whether that's sustainable.


Brave Illini on November 02 @ 06:42 PM CDT

Rutgers' success on the ground was troubling. How much of Rutgers' success with the run was due to: 1. Rutgers just playing really well, inspired and with emotion, and feeling no pressure away from home 2. Illinois being flat due to either taking Rutgers lightly or just having an emotional letdown 3. Illinois having run defense weaknesses that sometimes they overcome or cover up 4. Other?

MoCoMdIllini on November 02 @ 06:50 PM CDT

I was saving my freakout for the third quarter. Thankfully I didn't need it.

jfinsocal on November 02 @ 09:43 PM CDT

Great catch by Navarro - Big whew that Lowe wasn’t badly hurt - Smith forced the ball to Corbin too much against a stacked box; better to use Brown here - The D front and Eifler and Green, are putting on hurts unlike any in recent memory - Crowd sounded dead on TV; many Dads are probably casual fans at best - Good to see Coran and other reserves get a few snaps - Envision Roundtree on this D, sigh.

Illiniiniowa on November 03 @ 06:21 AM CST

Envision Beitku and Woods on this D. Getting one of them back taking snaps away from a true freshman DE would help also

larue on November 03 @ 11:35 AM CST

As for the music, maybe we had some Pinstripe bowl reps there.

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