Braggin' Rights Night 2019

Apr 20, 2019

You may have seen what I put on Twitter, but I figured I'd put it here as well. Just like the last six years, we've partnered with the Cardinals to give away four tickets to Illini Night at Busch Stadium. Which is now combined with Tigers Night to create Braggin' Rights Night.

I've done this as Bring Dad and Bring Mom before, so maybe this year should be Bring Your Son/Daughter. Here's how it works. You email me at to tell me why you want to bring your son or daughter to Braggin' Rights Night. I pick the best one and send you four tickets to the game plus four vouchers for the Illini/Cardinal pullover pictured below. You go to the game, you enjoy the pregame Illini pep rally, maybe you shake Josh Whitman's hand, you watch Whitman throw out the first pitch, and perhaps most importantly, you contribute to the Illini crowd which needs to match the Tiger crowd.

If you're not interested in the contest but you want to go to Braggin Rights Night, all of the info is here. If you buy tickets through that link, you get the quarter-zip pullover. And yes, there need to be more Illini pullovers than Tiger pullovers walking around at that game. I know, I know - it's in Missouri and this region is 70% Tiger fans and 30% Illini fans. We typically out-draw them at the Braggin' Rights game, so we should do the same next Friday night.

Did I mention that? The game is Friday, April 26th. So get those entries in to me and I'll announce the winner Monday morning.

Good luck!

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