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Jul 31, 2019

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I think I've made the declaration that I'm going to add comps to LLUOI posts about 15 times. That each post will include "former Illini he reminds me of" (GRAMMAR). But I never remember to consistently do it. I remembered today, though, so here's your comp:

Vederian Lowe.

In fact, let me start with a cut-and-paste from the Vederian Lowe LLUOI post:

Vederian Lowe is a massive human person. I've gotten pretty good at approximating lineman weight (gonna put it on my resume), and I'd say Lowe is somewhere north of 350 lbs. That's probably too big for college football, but that's OK - that's why strength and conditioning programs exist.

Let's start with why I like the Lowe commitment. First, take all the Massive Human Persons you can find. If they're big yet still nimble, offer immediately. They can be as raw as raw gets (and Lowe is raw - more on that in a minute) because you can't teach size. At nearly every position, football is pretty much one thing: as large as you can get yet still athletic. Tight end who is 6'-6" and 245 lbs yet can still run like he's 5'-10" 175? He'll go far. Linebacker who bulks up to 240 lbs yet can still glide around the field laterally? There's your guy.

Here, I'll just let you decide. One of these clips is Kevin Tyler. The other one is Vederian Lowe. Can you tell which is which?

Player A:

Player B:

Care to guess?

The first clip was Vederian Lowe in high school. The second clip was Kevin Tyler.

No, Tyler isn't as big as Lowe. Lowe is probably 320 lbs in that clip above (junior year of HS). Tyler is right around 300. Lowe grew to 350-ish his senior year of HS before dropping back down to his current playing weight of 315-320. I'm guessing Tyler's eventual playing weight will be similar.

But the point of showing you both players in high school is that Tyler fits what they're trying to do on the offensive line (just like Vederian Lowe fits). Big as you can get while still remaining agile. We've seen them recruit so many linemen like this: Lowe, Kievan Myers, Verdis Brown - all massive dudes. Beckman and Cubit recruited smaller, more "athletic", tight end-ish linemen. Lovie has concentrated on massive dudes. The two linemen in this class so far (Phifer Griffin and Tyler) will probably both arrive on campus at 310 lbs. And finish their careers playing at... 330?

Tyler has a much better offer list than Lowe did (Tyler has a lot of mid-level P5 offers like Purdue, Syracuse, Minnesota, Iowa State, and K-State), so maybe he's a little ahead of where Vederian Lowe was in high school. Of course, Lowe is going to start 40+ games at Illinois and anchor left tackle for the next two years, so that's a lot to live up to with this comp. But everything about this just feels exactly like Lowe.

Which means Tom Cruises should probably be the same as Lowe. Lowe received (looks it up) three Tom Cruises so...

Kevin Tyler. Three Tom Cruises.


Illinimac68 on July 31, 2019 @ 09:33 AM

The grammar is correct. The rule is better stated as not ending a phrase with an unnecessary preposition, for example, "Where's the library at?" However, in your phrase the preposition adds meaning. To comply with the rule as it is often thought to be, your phrase would be "former Illini of whom he reminds me" which is way too grammar-snobby and clunky to be taken seriously.

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