UConn Postgame Interviews

Sep 07, 2019

I figure I'll just take you through my postgame here. And then I'll get something to eat, return to my computer and write out my thoughts on this game.

I didn't head down to the field until Trevon Sidney caught that pass to ice the game. I could have gone down earlier, but I was too curled-up-into-a-ball to be able to function. Even when Dele Harding snagged the interception, I still couldn't rest until we got that first down.

The elevators were locked out at that point (they keep them open for pressbox coaches to be able to use them immediately after the game), so I climbed down six flights of stairs, got lost, nearly walked out an exit, and finally found the tunnel to the field. There I recorded my From The Stands from the field. I'm trying to do them "live" on Twitter this year, so if you're looking for From The Stands, follow that link.

And I should note - I'm a little annoying there (just there?). Mid-recording, just as I'm talking about painting my chest for the Penn State game in 1994 with dudes from my fraternity, I spot... two guys from my fraternity. The wonders of doing From The Stands live!

Then I made my way to the interview room, sat through Lovie's presser, and then talked to five players. Those interviews are below.

First up - Dre Brown. He nearly got that kickoff return for the TD, so I had to ask him about it.

Then I made my way over to Wole Betiku. Who, I'm guessing, will be leading the nation in sacks (and possibly also in QB hurries?) when the stats update tomorrow morning. What an incredible boost he's been. Had to talk to him about all of that.

Next up was James McCourt. Remember, my most disappointing moment at training camp in 2016 was finding out that McCourt had lost his Irish accent (he moved here when he was 10 I think? Maybe 11?). There was enough time there for him to lose the accent, unfortunately.

And I was surprised to see that he had shaved off the mustache. So that was obviously my first question.

And then right at the end I chatted with Josh Imatorbhebhe. The bus was about to leave, so I had about 30 seconds to ask him one question. Obviously, I asked him the same question as Wole - what's it like for three guys to come all the way across the country and make THIS big of an impact this early?

And then I headed back to the pressbox to get my stuff.

And then I hopped in an Uber and came back to my hotel.

And then I wrote this.

And now I will eat.

(And then I'll write up my thoughts on the game.)


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