Free Month

Jan 01, 2020

So here's the deal. As of today, our subscription service, TinyPass Go, is no more. We'll be transitioning to something else. And as we do that, it's like 2013 up in here: every post is free. Subscribers may wonder what they're paying for, so here's a big long explanation.

First off, TinyPass is still a company (it's actually called Piano Software), but their business model for sites like ours, which they called "TinyPass Go", has been phased out. We've known this was coming for months, and we're planning some changes, but we didn't want all of those changes to drop today. Why not? Because there are probably going to be some kinks to work out, and we didn't want that all to happen in one day. So it will go something like this:

If you're a subscriber, your subscription will still last a year. In fact, we'll be adding a month to it since this whole month is free. So if you subscribed on October 3rd and your subscription was set to expire this coming October 3rd, once the new service is up and running you'll have a subscription that runs until November 3rd. You won't really have to do anything besides log in to the new account and everything should be set. More details on that will be coming in the next month, but for now, just know that if you paid $24 on May 17th last year, you will still get everything you were paying for, and that subscription will extend until June 17th this year. It will just be through a different service since TinyPass Go is no more.

As I mentioned above, the original plan was for all of this to happen today, but that was scary. One day to contact all of our users and transition them to a new system where the new paywall is already set up? I'm certain we'd receive dozens of "I'm a subscriber but it says I only have 3 stories left?" emails the first day alone. So our decision was to go with a month where everything is unlocked.

If you're a subscriber, you'll receive an email at some point in the next month letting you know how to log in to your subscription (with the new service). As I'm typing this I'm realizing that I don't really know how that works (Brumby does). I think it's something like "we have your account set up - go log in here and choose a password". After that, you should see that your account runs until a month beyond when your subscribed for a year.

I'm sure there will be issues, and please email or DM me when they arise, but we hope to have everything worked out in the next few weeks. The plan - and I can't say for certain that we'll be able to make it work but we're trying - is for one login for the site. The biggest site issue over the last five years is that there's one login to comment and another login to subscribe. It had to be that way because of how TinyPass worked. Now, Brumby is setting it up so that your commenting login is your subscription login (hopefully).

And yes, we realize that there will be issues with that as well. Some subscribers are commenters and we'll need to tie the two accounts together. Other subscribers have never signed up to comment and will need to add an account. Some people subscribe under one email address and comment under another. There... will be kinks to work out. The goal, though, is a streamlined process where subscribing is easier and only a single login is required.

For now, there's no kinks. Everything is free. No subscription required for anything. Subscribers will get an email at some point in the next month and will be able to log in to their new account with their subscription expiration extended 30 days. Once February 1 arrives, just log in and keep on keepin' on. For January, worry about nothing and read everything. Including my long rant tomorrow night about how the loss at Michigan State means that the Purdue game this weekend is the most important basketball game in years.

Actually, no, sorry - we're beating Michigan State. The 20's Belong To The Illini.


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