The 90 Illini #26: Trevon Sidney

Oct 14, 2020

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Here's the thing people might not remember about Trevon Sidney last year: he probably leads the team in receptions if he doesn't go down with the injury in the Minnesota game. On the season, Josh Imatorbhebhe led the team with 33 catches. Donny Navarro was second with 27 catches. Trevon Sidney had 16 catches in five games before the injury shut down his season. Had he played in the final eight games...

Let's just do the math. 16 catches in 5 games would equal 42 catches over 13 games. Bhebhe led the team with 33 catches so yeah, if Sidney was healthy, he probably would have led the team in receiving.

26. Trevon Sidney

Wide Receiver
Uniform number: 5
Year in school: Senior (1 year to play 1; with the Covid rule, technically 2 to play 2)
Height: 5'-11" -- Weight: 180 lbs.
Hometown: Pasadena, California
High School: Bishop Amat HS
Former team: Transfer from USC
Five best offers: USC, Michigan, Notre Dame, Miami, Tennessee
Tom Cruise rating:

2019 statistics: Played in 5 games (16 catches for 123 yards and 1 TD) before an injury in the Minnesota game ended his season.


First off, the injury. On the Zoom call the other day, Sidney said he wasn't cleared by doctors to return to the field until 10 months after the injury. He was injured in October, so it sounds like he wasn't cleared until August. If that's the case, I'm a bit concerned about having him at #26 on my list. He even said that he doesn't currently feel like he's 100% yet, so that kind of statement makes me think "will he even play against Wisconsin?".

Wait - this is the background section. OK, so he was a 4-star wide receiver who went to USC. He missed a lot of time at USC due to hip impingements (I had to look it up - the "ball" at the top of your femur isn't round so it doesn't move smoothly within the hip socket. Doctors go in and shave the bone so that it's more round and then the femur can rotate freely within the socket). He had to have both hips repaired. He had the surgery after his redshirt year and returned to play in nine games in 2017 and then 10 games in 2018. Like his teammate Josh Imatorbhebhe, he went looking for more catches somewhere and landed on Illinois.

2020 Outlook

It all depends on the injury. I asked him during the Zoom call if it was August before he was 100% and he responded by saying that he's not 100% yet and "still has stuff to do" in the training room. So as I said above, will he even play against Wisconsin? I'm ready to declare him the third starting wide receiver and the punt returner, but "I'm in the training room 2-3 times every day" might mean "I probably can't return to live football until December" or something.

But on the other hand, there's the whole "would have likely led the team in receptions" part. If he's healthy, having him at #26 on this list might be too low. Fast forward 10 weeks and we might be talking about how he caught 51 passes or something. He's quite talented, so if he's 100%, he can make a big contribution. Especially as an underneath receiver finding the little gaps and sitting down in them.

(Not ACTUALLY sitting down. You know what I mean.)


jono426 on October 14, 2020 @ 06:30 AM

Not that he’d want to play college football for 7 years, but has he used his medical redshirt already?

Robert on October 14, 2020 @ 06:44 AM

Medical waivers only come into play if you've missed two full seasons. Because his hip surgery happened in the offseason at USC and because he played in five games before the injury last year, he technically (under the NCAA guidelines) hasn't missed any seasons due to injury.

Daniel Imatorbhebhe missed two full years at USC (2018 and 2019) which is why he's getting a sixth season this year.

Jacob on October 15, 2020 @ 08:42 AM

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