We Love No Other 4.2 - Introducing The Field Pass

Oct 23, 2020

I restarted We Love No Other last week. But that's not enough, you know? If we're going to jump into the podcast game here at illini board dot com, we should probably jump ALL in. So we're starting three podcasts at once. Some might call that the ol' three-in-one.

Here's how it will work. This will be a bit wordy but hang in there because it answers all the questions you've sent me.

First off, because We Love No Other sat dormant for 4.5 years, it disappeared from Apple Podcasts. So when we restarted it, some people were still subscribed to that feed (used mostly to listen to From The Stands and player interviews that way - not real podcast episodes). We wanted those people to be able to use the same feed, so we launched with the same RSS feed and submitted it to Apple Podcasts. If that worked, old subscribers would still be subscribed and new subscribers could use the same link. It worked. If you get your podcasts from Apple Podcasts, it's now live and you can subscribe here.

Now that we know that RSS feed can be re-activated at Apple Podcasts (and we don't have to start over with a new feed), we're getting it approved everywhere. So this time next week I should be able to say "if you listen on Spotify go HERE, if you listen on Stitcher go HERE" and such. Eventually, I'll be able to say the whole "wherever you get your podcasts". And yes, the way podcasts work these days, subscriptions are everything. So we'd love to see you subscribe.

We plan to do the same with these two new podcasts. The Field Pass will be our football podcast and The Board Room will be our basketball podcast. I'll join both pods from time to time, but "my" podcast will be We Love No Other. All of the interviews I plan to do will live there. Want to nerd-out on football? Listen to The Field Pass. Want to nerd-out on basketball? Listen to The Board Room. Want to listen to some guy hit the air horn sound effect way too much because he (and only he) thinks it's funny? Listen to We Love No Other.

Here's how it will work. This pod introduces The Field Pass. Their first episode will be up on Tuesday reviewing the Wisconsin game. Once that episode is posted, we can then submit the pod to Apple/Stitcher/Spotify and, once approved, give you the feed.

In a few weeks I'll do a We Love No Other with the guys from The Board Room. That will be the same. Introduce them on WLNO, they launch the following week, then we have an episode to submit and once the feeds are live we'll tweet them.

The point: THERE'S A LOT TO TALK ABOUT. Football starts tonight, basketball in a month. For those of you who pod while doing the dishes, my goodness are you going to want to do the dishes.

Here's the episode introducing The Field Pass. Which will be hosted by some guy named Mikey Dudek.


escot on October 23, 2020 @ 03:49 PM

Re: podding while washing dishes. How did you know??

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