The Field Pass - Episode 1

Oct 27, 2020

As announced last week, there will be 3 podcasts on The IlliniBoard Podcast Network Tech Group Holdings LLC Inc. I've announced that We Love No Other (my podcast) is back. This is The Field Pass, the football pod hosted by Mikey Dudek and friends. And the third podcast, a basketball-centric pod which will also discuss football, will be out in a few weeks.

You're going to ask me about podcast feeds for these, so here's my answer: you'll have a wait a bit. The first thing you do when you start a podcasts is publish an episode. Then you use that episode to get approved. Then you can share the feeds and everyone can subscribe. So now that we've published this and applied for approval, I'll let you know (or Mikey will let you know) when the feeds are live. When I did this exercise before, Spotify and Stitcher gave me approval in less than a day - Apple took four days. So that's the estimated timeline here for being able to subscribe.

This episode, which you can listen to below (and, soon, everywhere) is a breakdown of that riveting game from Friday night - a 45-7 loss at Wisconsin. I mean, there's nothing that says "new Illini football podcast" better than "breaking down a 45-7 loss in the opener", right?

Here's the pod:


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