We Love No Other 4.4 - @BobZuppke

Oct 30, 2020

Eventually, I don't plan on linking every podcast here on the front page. At least not as an article. The eventual plan is another part of this page dedicated to a podcast feed. You "I prefer spoken to written" people will simply have an updated feed on the front page letting you know when there's a new pod. (Or you can just subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and your personal feed will update for you.)

And yes, since the podcast will eventually be part of the whole "is it possible for me to make this my full time job?" concept around here, subscriptions are important there, too (and those are free). If you've ever wondered why podcasters hit you over the head with PLEASE RATE AND SUBSCRIBE, that's why. They make (a tiny bit of) money per listen. At some point I will try to make (a tinier bit of) money per listen by reading you ads from Wally's Tire Barn.

But I don't want to hit you over the head with GO LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST AND NOW GO LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST either, which is why I published this one late morning on Thursday and am writing about it on the site early morning Friday. I went to post this yesterday and was all "man, that's too much" for whatever reason. This morning, my brain is allowing me to post it.

What is "it"? My interview with @BobZuppke. I put the "@" there because that's obviously not his real name (although wouldn't that be a coincidence). He doesn't use his real name on Twitter, and I TOTALLY get that. As you may recall, my first few years on the internet, both Twitter and the blog said that my name was "Critical Mass". I didn't go with Robert until maybe fall of 2011? And even then, I went first-name-only until this spring when I quit my job.

So I totally get it, this desire for internet anonymity. And I'm happy to keep his mask on. And I really, really enjoyed this conversation on his history with Illini Twitter, the Wisconsin debacle, any possible hope for the future of this football program, and, of course, football recruiting.

Here's the pod. PLEASE RATE AND SUBSCRIBE. But seriously, if you want to do that, that'd be cool. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts here or you can subscribe on Spotify here or you can subscribe on Stitcher here or you can find all of the episodes (including old player interviews and postgame audio which used to show up in this feed) here. That last link there - the link to AudioBoom, the hosting platform we use - also has the "wherever you get your podcasts" links to find this podcast feed at places like Podchaser and Castbox.


mac2212 on October 30, 2020 @ 09:50 AM

I agree, the next few games are going to be very telling. "Crossing our fingers" at this point is very telling!

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