The Board Room - Episode 1

Nov 18, 2020

All three podcasts are now live. And just as I did for the first two, since the feeds aren't live yet, the first episode is available here inside a free post. The Field Pass is football, We Love No Other is my pod, and The Board Room is basketball.

You're going to ask "how can I subscribe on {wherever you get your podcasts}?" and this is where I answer: you can't just yet. The feeds have to go live. And the feeds don't go live until after you upload your first episode. So we just uploaded it and we'll tweet the feeds once they're live. I just said "feeds" and "live" too many times. For now, listen below.

And if you'd like a quick rundown on the IlliniBoard Podcast Network Holdings Group LLC, here's how it goes.

We Love No Other. My pod. I interview people. Will mostly be one-on-one discussions but sometimes will be multiple guests.

The Field Pass. Football-centric pod hosted by Dude K, Dan, and John. This week they had Reggie Corbin on, next Sunday is a very special guest, the following week a ridiculously special guest.

The Board Room. Basketball-centric pod hosted by Matt, Josh, Sam, and Jon. First episode below.

In this episode, we discuss this rather important basketball season. Matt, Sam, and Jon are all in the same room and Josh and I are on the phone - Josh from his apartment and me from... my hot tub. No, seriously.

I explain the story at the beginning but we recorded via a FaceTime call. I went to the spare bedroom to record because my wife was in the living room watching a show and any other room she'd hear me yammering on a podcast. Except the Facetime kept cutting out, apparently because I was too far from the router, so I decided to go outside to the sun room. But that got too cold. So how do I stay warm AND close to the router AND be far enough from my wife that she wouldn't hear me yammering? I get in the hot tub and record, as Matty says on the pod, my Tank Takes.

(And yes, as soon as we started recording - me splashing around in a hot tub - I saw through the window that my wife headed to bed which meant I could have just used the living room.)

So here's the weirdest thing you'll hear this week. An Illini basketball podcast with one guy in a hot tub.


Nusspickel on November 25, 2020 @ 10:14 AM

Comment on the Board Room, there seemed to be a volume difference between the hosts that made it a little challenge INC to listen to. Perhaps that gets worked out in future podcasts. Enjoyed the content.

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