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Dec 30, 2020

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I feel like I should have the full team of writers listed somewhere. I'll add that to the list for 2021. And I'll include it in this post. If you're curious about the structure here and who does what, well, I'll tell you and then I'll get to the podcast link. I mean, this is a year in review thing, so let's review everything. Here's a quick run through the history:

Brumby started IlliniBoard in July of 2000. It went through many iterations - it was independent, then it was the Scout site, then it went back independent - and in 2013 we joined my blog and IlliniBoard to form what you currently see.

When I quit my job in February and jumped off the deep end, we decided we needed to be an official business so we formed an LLC. There are three people on the LLC paperwork: Brumby, Robert, and Tyler. That way, when I have stupid ideas and we vote, they can both overrule me.

I'm the only person who does this as a full-time job. There are other writers who get paid per-post, though. Here's that list:

Robert - I don't know what to call myself. Publisher? Lead writer? Center of the IlliniBoard cinematic universe?
Tyler - Senior Writer - Basketball
Craig - Senior Writer - Football
Nathan - Football writer
Ben - Baseball (and some basketball) writer
Holly - Photographer

There's also Detlef, which isn't his real name. He has written Those Were The Days on IlliniBoard for... 16 years? 17? He's grandfathered-in and that means he has the original keys to the nuclear football. That's why we have to keep everything super secret. I've already said too much.

For this pod, I figured I'd sit down with SENIOR WRITER - FOOTBALL and SENIOR WRITER - BASKETBALL to discuss Illini football and basketball in 2020. It was a weird year.



JohnnyKarate on December 30, 2020 @ 06:52 PM

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