The 90 Illini #69: Sean Coghlan

Jul 14, 2020

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OK, so now my bench is empty. I had two walkons right there on the bench so that if any players left after I started the countdown, I could just plug them in. Walkon Jordan Holmes left the team, and he was going to be on this list (he was also going to be our starting punt returner if he was 100% healed from the knee injury in the Michigan State game), and so I replaced Holmes with Alec McEachern and bumped everyone up a spot. Now Joseph Thompson has announced he's transferring (injured his senior HS season and injured during his redshirt season so we never saw him play football), so there's another open spot. Thompson was going to be #67 on this list, so I moved a few guys up and now have an open spot here. The other guy still on my bench: walkon Sean Coghlan.

If anyone else leaves before the season (which seems sillier to say by the day, which means this "countdown" gets sillier by the day), I'm going to have to dig deep into the walkons to find a guy who might play. But I guess that wouldn't be that crazy of a proposition - six of the 10 coverage guys on kickoffs were walkons last year. Including...

69. Sean Coghlan

Uniform number: 51
Year in school: Redshirt junior walkon (2 years to play 2)
Height: 6'-0" -- Weight: 220 lbs.
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
High School: St. Rita HS
Five best offers: N/A - walkon
Tom Cruise rating: N/A - walkon

2019 statistics: Played in 12 games making 5 tackles on special teams.


I just went through this for McEachern, but it's worth noting again. There's one play remaining in the Michigan State game. But it's a bit scary because Daniel Barker took his helmet off celebrating the winning touchdown and that cost us 15 yards on the kickoff. Which means we're kicking off from the 20 and we can't squib. One tackle, kickoff coverage team. That's all we need.

That kickoff coverage team?

Kerby Joseph
Ryan Meed (walkon)
Alec McEachern (walkon)
Tarique Barnes
Sean Coghlan (walkon)
Devon Witherspoon
Michael Marchese (walkon)
Nolan Bernat (walkon)
Delano Ware
Christian Bobak (walkon)

(Witherspoon tripped up the returner, Bobak and Barnes made sure he went down, and Illinois was off to a bowl game.)

So that's where we start on "background" here. Coghlan walked on at Illinois in Lovie's first class, redshirted, played in four games as a redshirt freshman, and then was on the coverage units last season.

Oh, and he also had a pick six in the spring game in 2019. That's him headed for the endzone in the photo above.

2020 Outlook

I should just cut-and-paste what I wrote for McEachern. This section will basically say the same thing. Step one, get on the field for a few special teams things as a second-year player (redshirt freshman). Step two, grab a starting spot on one of the coverage teams as a redshirt sophomore. Next step: try to break into the lineup at one of the linebacker spots.

In fact, I think I will cut and paste part of the McEachern 90i post. What I think the two-deep will look like if there's a season:

WLB: Khalan Tolson (JR) / Shammond Cooper (rFR)
MLB: Jake Hansen (SR) / Tyrique Barnes (SO)
SLB: Milo Eifler (SR) / Dawson DeGroot (SR)

I think McEachern is fighting for snaps at SLB. I'll guess that Coghlan is pushing for snaps at MLB. Both will likely be on the coverage teams. Now we see if they can get on the field for linebacker snaps.

IF there's a season.


thumpasaurus on July 15, 2020 @ 03:01 PM

Since I graduated after the 2011 season, there hasn't been a single season that I've been more looking forward to, that I've genuinely felt more optimistic about. 2015 was...maybe close? before Beckman got fired, at which point, lol.

I'm talking, like, making plans for road trips kind of excited. I've only done one Illini football road game (MSU last year!), largely because, well, we're really bad on the road and it's more fun to be around the tailgating and stuff when there's a nonzero chance of victory.

Any other season since 2011 I would have been, of course, crushed. But THIS was the season I've waited my whole post-graduate life for, where 7 wins was a real possibility. And it certainly doesn't seem likely we'll get another in the next 4 years or so.

Goodness gracious, look at the 2000s if you take out 2001 and 2007.

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