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Sep 29, 2020

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First off, I believe it's a soft G. The G in his last name is pronounced like the J in his first name. Josh "Jesky", I think. Probably. Maybe.

Second, I had to look up Manteno's class (4A). That's a little bigger than I thought it would be. I know of Manteno as an exit between Champaign and Chicago just north of Kankakee, so I guess I was expecting 2A or something, but they're 4A.

Third, I don't know why I started with "first, second, and third" with this post so I think I'll stop.

Josh Gesky is an offensive lineman. He's been committed to Illinois for, like, two months, but I'm just now getting to his LLUOI. This is that LLUOI. It won't be very long because there's not much information to evaluate here.

First thing that sticks out here: bloodlines. His dad played at Nebraska and was on three Big Eight championship teams in the early 90's. I listened to a podcast that Gesky (Josh) did with the preps writer at the Kankakee paper and he mentioned how the family was kind of hoping for a Nebraska offer but it never came. He had Illinois, Kansas, and Syracuse and picked from between those three.

You know me - I'm a sucker for "his dad played in college". I'm an even bigger sucker for "his dad played in the NFL". So that's a point in Gesky's column (you just pronounced it with a hard G, didn't you? It's not a hard G. It's Jesky. Probably.)

A point in the other column: 4A football. That's right on the edge where it's hard to get a read on a player because the defensive lineman across from him is 5'-11", 165 lbs. At that point, any large offensive lineman will look like a pancaker.

A tally in the positive column: other P5 offers. It's just Kansas and Syracuse, but it's something. A tally in the negative column: he's gonna have to add 50 lbs before he's ready to play in the Big Ten. I'll stop going positive/negative now.

There's a reason why the word projection starts with project. This is the son of a college lineman who has the frame to add weight. So you're projecting what kind of player he can be four years from right now. Blake Hance was a 240 lb. high school tight end from Jacksonville, IL who picked Northwestern, switched to the offensive line, added 65 lbs, and is now on the Jets practice squad after a solid Big Ten career. I could name other projects who started at 260 lbs, didn't have much mobility once they were 305, and never played in college. It's a project - some work, some don't.

That's basically how I see this one. We missed on most of our "everyone else offered" targets (but hit on Wisecarver). We offered Gesky on July 10th. After a month thinking about it, he committed. We'll now put him in the project room and see if he finds the sweet spot where there's lots of weight and strength added and the mobility is still there. If he does, he's Blake Hance. If he doesn't, {insert name of many projects who didn't make it].

I was going to clip some gifs here but honestly, there's not much to show. It's so hard to find a play against a worthy opponent. Maybe I'm reading that wrong and the kid is dominating good athletes, but to me, it looks like he's dominating much smaller athletes.

So I'll just get to the Tom Cruises. Somewhere between 1.5 and 2. I just used 1.75 for Barlev, and I like his film a little more, so I'll go 1.5 here. Project OL who hopefully turns into something.

Josh Gesky - one and one-half Tom Cruises.


lblesy on September 29, 2020 @ 07:09 PM

My comp is Joe Thomas

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