So, How We Doin'? Saint Francis (IL)

Oct 23, 2021

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I have a thing about series'. Serieses? Series's? I like writing posts as part of a series. Especially during football season. Stream Of Consciousness. From The Stands. Check The Tape. Looks Like University Of Illinois. Back And Forth.

Even the articles from other writers are part of a series. Nathan writes Postcript. Those Were The Days by Detlef. Tyler will be writing Rewind posts again. Craig Has The Scout is self-explanatory.

Well, why not add another series into the mix? I've always done a Stream Of Consciousness article the night before every football game - why not an SOC before every basketball game?

Except I can't call it SOC. That's only for football. I needed a new name, and the name seemed fairly obvious. Just before Tom Cruise says his famous line ("looks lIke University Of Illinois") in Risky Business, Rebecca DeMornay asks him "so, how we doin'?" I used that as a post title last season and I don't think anyone got the joke, so now I'll hammer the joke. The night before every basketball game this season, sometimes at 10:00 pm, sometimes at 3:45 am, but always before I go to sleep, look for "So, How We Doin'?"

I plan to write it in SOC style. Which means a few things:

  • I'm not allowed to edit it. There will be typos. I won't got back up to the top, re-read what I wrote, and change a few sentences to make a paragraph flow better. Once I finish writing it, I'll publish it without re-reading.
  • I will end with a prediction for the game. I'll likely mention the line somewhere in the article and then you can see if I think we're going to cover or not. As always, don't take my advice for betting.
  • The posts are normally shorter than my typical 2,500-word diatribe. Sometimes they're as few as 600 words. One time - I think it was before the Wisconsin game in 2012 - I just wrote "we're gonna get killed."

I'll probably hate this decision once the Big Ten Tournament rolls around, finishing my gamer and immediately needing to write a preview before I go to bed, but that's OK. It's a good challenge for me.

As is this evening. I'm currently on a train (yes, train) from Champaign to Happy Valley. While on this train tonight (overnight from Chicago to Pittsburgh), I have to write two articles. One SOC for the Penn State game tomorrow. And this SHWD for the basketball exhibition tomorrow night. Let's get to SHWD-ing.

LOL we're going to destroy them. A hundred-something to, like. 60.

Thus ends the prediction portion of this post. I can now talk about what I want to see tomorrow night as I'm on my train back to Chicago after the Penn State game. Yes, train.

Mostly, I want to see the newcomers. Three freshmen and three transfers ("three" because we haven't seen Austin Hutcherson yet). I do want to see what this offense looks like without Ayo (The Kofi And Belo Show + a whole bunch of guys camped out at the three point line), but more than that, I really want to know what we will get from these six guys:

Alfonso Plummer - I'm sure he'll hit a few threes and everyone will be all "we have another shooter!" but I'm wanting to watch all of the other parts of his game. How is he on defense? Can he be an emergency point guard if Belo and Trent can't do it? Or ishe just a shooter off the bench?

Omar Payne - He will need to be something more than just lob dunks and rebounds. Does he have any post moves? Can he hit a Warren Carter baseline jumper? Do we want him hitting Warren Carter baseline jumpers?

Austin Hutcherson - A friend told me he thinks that Hutcherson will play some at the one and I was all "whuuut?". So now I want to see these handles. Also, after missing two full seasons of college basketball, I want to see him out there running around inury-free.

Brandin Podziemski - I'm not exactly sure where he fits this season. And maybe the answer is really just "he's a true freshman so he doesn't fit yet." I feel like I have a good handle on what kind of player Luke Goode will be (and probably RJ Melendez too). But I don't have the same understanding of Podziemski's game. Hope to learn about it tomorrow night.

RJ Melendez - When I interviewed him in person for the first time I couldn't help but notice how "basketball long" he is. Long arms, long legs, long fingers - he just has a basketball frame. So with that frame, can he be a... slasher? We could use a wing taking it to the hoop.

Luke Goode - Of any of the newcomers, Tyler was most impressed with Luke Goode at the open practice the morning of the Wisconsin game. So I want to see what Tyler was excited about. My takeaway after media day was "wow, he's tall". Like, Leron Black's height? So is he... what we always wanted Tevian Jones to be?

I'm guessing we won't see much Kofi-Belo-Trent-Da'Monte since this is a Division III opponent. Actually, I don't think I even know if they're a Division III opponent. I got a game notes email today. Let me go look it up.

They are NAIA, so not even Division III. So yeah, maybe 16 minutes from Kofi and 24 from Omar Payne? Perhaps less than that? But that's good. I have a lot I want to learn.

OK, prediction time. I guess I don't think it will be 100-something to 60-something. We'll probably play Kofi 12 minutes, Payne 20 minutes, and then get the rest from BBV and Brandon Lieb. And if we're going to have lineups like Hutcherson-Plummer-Melendez-BBV-Lieb, then yeah, I don't think it will be a complete blowout. I think I'm landing on....

Illinois 94, St. Francis (IL) 68


ATOillini on October 22, 2021 @ 09:20 PM

“what we always wanted Tevian Jones to be”…..How quickly I forget. Quite a few of us expected really big things from him. I seem to remember a road game that really mattered (Maryland?), and he had that breakout game where we all knew that our hopes were about to be fulfilled going forward.

Not so fast my friend….

Joe Edge on October 22, 2021 @ 09:38 PM

'I'm currently on a train (yes, train)'... Good for you Robert ! I'm also anxious to see what the possibilities are for this year.

I really like trains. Two years ago (3?), I took the Coast Starlite from Seattle to LA, and then the LA to Phoenix for the twin Grand Canyon / Arizona games... A week with my sister in LA vicinity, and then train again back home.

This year my plan is to take the Empire Builder from Seattle to Milwaukee for the Marquette game.. Time with my grand-kids in that vicinity and then back home... Relaxing, no-hassle, lunch and dinner with wine while my bed is bed is prepared - Read a good book along the way... Wonderful Trains !

Not as fast as in China or Europe cause the roadbed is not as new or as stable, and since Amtrak doesn't own any of the rails out west, its a lower priority than freight. But it's relaxing and easy going.

detlef on October 23, 2021 @ 05:16 AM


HiggsBoson on October 23, 2021 @ 09:35 AM

I'm glad to see some basketball articles. Football seems to be in the early stages of the usual rinse and repeat with a less pleasant coach.

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