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Feb 26, 2021

FINALLY. We launched the new era of IlliniBoard on September 17th, promised a store, and now, finally, we're launching it. I can't do anything without writing a bunch of words about it, so here's a bunch of words about the store.

For starters, one of the reasons the store is not launching until February is that we made a pitching change. I had a process started in September to set up our own Shopify store and run the site myself. Just before finalizing that, the guys from 4th & Kirby reached out to me to discuss a partnership. Let's see here... do it myself, or partner with someone who has been doing this for years and clearly knows the Illini merchandise business. Wait, AND they're licensed through the University with the ability to work out licensing deals for shirts that include Illini logos? SOLD.

So I tapped my left arm twice to get the lefty in from the bullpen. This is part of the reason the subscriber t-shirts have been delayed. Made a pitching change and then, uh, needed to give it time for the pitcher to warm up. Or something. Basically, I started over with these guys, responded to a lot of their emails with "I'll be in Piscataway on Sunday and then State College on Wednesday but maybe we can discuss things on Thursday", probably drove them a little crazy, but now, finally, we're live.

We're starting with just seven shirts. We have others planned and merchandise ideas which go beyond just t-shirts. For now, through, until I know how much interest there will be in some of these shirts, I'm starting slow.

Want something other than these seven shirts? Well that's easy. Just click around the entire site. The IlliniBoard page only has seven shirts, but the 4th & Kirby site has dozens more. So you're not really limited at all. That was easy.

If you're an Orange Tier or Seventeen Club subscriber, check your email because I sent you your discount code an hour ago. Apply that on the checkout page for a 17% discount (of course it's 17%) on all IlliniBoard shirts.

One more very important thing: while this is a big part of how you can support me in covering the Illini full-time, it's not just me here. There's a shirt for each of our podcasts. If you like listening to The Board Room and want to support those guys, buy their Here Comes The Paign shirt. If you enjoy The Field Pass and want to support Mikey Dudek and friends, grab their Field Pass shirt. And look really closely at the football player in the image on the back. You might recognize him.

What do the shirts look like? Well, you're going to have to click on the link to find out. Presenting:

The IlliniBoard Store


stuone19 on February 26, 2021 @ 04:33 PM

love the shirts! can't wait for more gear like long sleeves, and crewnecks, and socks, and anything else you can come up with

nextyear2021 on February 26, 2021 @ 11:52 PM

Could golf shirts happen before Father’s Day? Asking for a friend.

danny on February 27, 2021 @ 08:57 AM

Robert: Really like the golf version. Country Club U, that’s so awesome. Is there a version wo the billboard look on the back side of the shirt?

I like a nice clean look, logo on front, clean on the back.

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