From The Stands - Minnesota 2022

Oct 15, 2022

As always, these come with a warning. I have a tendency to make people uncomfortable, and when I get choked up here, some of you might get uncomfortable. I I-L-L'd the northwest stair tower after the game, and when I got the I-N-I in return, it took me to a place I haven't been in a long time.

So if you prefer your Robert to be in fanalyst mode, analyzing what all of this means, well, wait for tonight's article. I have a wedding reception to attend in St. Louis in 2 hours and 45 minutes, so you'll probably have to wait until 3:30 am or so, but... you'll get that Robert then.

If you prefer your Robert wandering around the stands -- starting in the west balcony until the clock hit zero, then wandering around the northwest stairtower screaming "I-L-L" and crying, then running down to the Minnesota tunnel to find out if the squirrel that jumped off the balcony during the national anthem survived -- well, here's that Robert:


purcy51 on October 15, 2022 @ 03:47 PM

Thank you Robert. I'm unable to make it back so I am living vicariously through you right now. It warms my heart to hear that cheer again!

rduillini on October 15, 2022 @ 03:48 PM

woot ! Go Illini

ps durn, you seem to have a lot of weddings to attend

Efremwinters84 on October 15, 2022 @ 04:02 PM

Based upon the outstanding play I'm seeing on the field, the words "bowl eligibility" seem beneath us. We'll likely have the same 6-1 record as Alabama at the end of today, and I don't think that's a phrase they use.

Let's instead incorporate the words Indianapolis, Pasadena, Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl into our vocabulary!

HNLINI on October 15, 2022 @ 04:21 PM

So we went 1-2 against WI, IA, MN last year, and thus 2-1 would have represented progress. Given that we hadn't beaten all 3 since 1983 (hey, only 39 years) I'm pretty sure that few of us were thinking that would happen. Kudos to the coaching staff and players for establishing a new reality.

I, for one, plan to enjoy it for as long as it lasts. I became an Illini fan during the early 80's and was on campus from '85 to '89, so while this level of success is not unprecedented in my Illini experience, I certainly would have savored it more had I realized how the next 3 decades were going to be. For those of you who are experiencing a successful Illini program for the first time, make sure that you spend at least as much time reveling in our success as you have wallowing in our past futility.

Efremwinters84 on October 15, 2022 @ 07:59 PM

Beating all 3 of Iowa, Wisc and Minn is getting a lot more attention than it deserves. 1981-1984 were the only years that we played every other team in the Big 10. Hence, in many of those years subsequent, we haven't even played these three teams in the same season. (And of course, you can't beat someone not on your schedule.) Yeah, we've been bad, but there are better examples out there.

HNLINI on October 16, 2022 @ 03:29 AM

In the 38 seasons from 1984-2021, we played all three 19 times. We lost all 3 in seven seasons, lost 2 of three in six seasons, lost 1 of three in five seasons, and in 1995, beat IA and MN, and tied WI 3-3. Of the six seasons during which we had winning records against those three in a season where we played all three during that span, five occurred before 1996. We played 2 of the 3 teams in 16 of the 38 seasons, going 1-1 six times, 0-2 six times, and 2-0 three times; we went 1-0-1 in 1988 beating WI and tying MN. We played 1 of the 3 teams in 3 season, going 1-0 once and 0-2 twice. During that time, in 92 total games, our winning percentage against those teams combined was .359 (after 1995 it was only .210) So notwithstanding the fact that we didn't play all three each season, in 34 of the 38 seasons in question, we wouldn't have possibly beaten all 3 in any event, since we didn't even beat the ones we did play during those seasons.
In my humble opinion, our inability to beat all 3 in a season in 19 opportunities over 38 years is a pretty good anecdotal illustration of just how bad we've been, and illustrative of why I don't think anyone expected us to beat all 3 this season. And it doesn't change my underlying view that we should savor the good seasons.

gordyhulten on October 15, 2022 @ 04:34 PM


tbillini21 on October 15, 2022 @ 04:38 PM

Love you Robert! Enjoy every second of this ride! We are all basking in the beauty of Illini football success!

MuckFichigan92 on October 15, 2022 @ 04:46 PM

I remember those victorious tower descents, replete with the I-L-L chants. It is a gas to have them back! Oskee-wow-wow!

BananaShampoo on October 15, 2022 @ 04:47 PM


redgrange77 on October 15, 2022 @ 04:47 PM

Ellisrt1031 on October 15, 2022 @ 05:10 PM

This is real Illini football love.

CapitalCityOutlaw50 on October 15, 2022 @ 06:12 PM

Hey Robert that was me in the Orange Butkus Jersey at 4:36. I'm 48 years old I graduated high school in 1991 you won and handed the God I did not hear your 1st ILL chant because I was still out in thenvy atrium by the elevators I would imagine.

That was also me about 12 seconds later with the ILL scream.

CapitalCityOutlaw50 on October 15, 2022 @ 06:17 PM

Sorry for the quick send there but the answer to your earlier question is hell yes we remember those ILL chants and dammit if I would hane known you were up there crying I would have been crying too..

oldjack on October 15, 2022 @ 06:58 PM

If you didn’t exist and do all this “Robert” stuff, I’d have to invent you.

MIlliniB on October 15, 2022 @ 07:12 PM

I was kind of hoping you'd break out into "My Way" again. Let's make it a thing!

PowerGranger on October 15, 2022 @ 07:19 PM

Had one going in the Southeast tower as well. What a gas!

WPtoWG10 on October 15, 2022 @ 08:11 PM

Awesome game today. It has been fun watching other big games today and hearing them even talking about how good Illinois looked. So happy for the players and coaches.

Dan Allen on October 15, 2022 @ 10:31 PM

Had an I-L-L chant in the West Main Men’s room post-game. Been awhile since I even had to wait in line to pee after a game. GD, this is fun!

illinijay10 on October 15, 2022 @ 10:49 PM

Does the MI still do the trombone cheer in the towers? That was awesome.

taz on October 16, 2022 @ 03:04 PM

I did the chant in the southwest tower on my way out.

Then we did it to everyone walking by and driving by the tailgate for about an hour after the game.

So awesome!

on July 3, 2023 @ 03:59 PM


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