Tale Of Two Cities I: Blogging

Nov 18, 2022

Tyler is on his flight to Vegas right now. I get on my train to Ann Arbor first thing in the morning. Most of the guys from The Board Room and The Field Pass are already in Vegas. So it's time to get back to our blogging roots.

If you're a long-time reader, you'll know that when I first started the blog I used to blog. As in "web log" (where the word came from). I'd go to Camp Rantoul and I'd write blog posts all day. "Camp Rantoul 2010 XVI: Thursday Morning Practice Thoughts" - that kind of thing. Some were only 300 words, but each post was part of a series. "Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl IX: Marching Illini In Union Square."

So for this weekend, we're gonna do the roman numeral thing again. This is I. After Tyler lands (actually, he's writing it on the plane), he'll write a "So, How We Doin'?" preview for the basketball game and that will be II. When I get on the train tomorrow, III. And so on and so on. I'll be in the pressbox in Ann Arbor, Tyler will be in press row in Vegas, and we'll just keep firing off football words and basketball words.

On top of that, we're both doing game watches. If you're in Michigan tomorrow night, come join us. I'll be watching the basketball game at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Ypsilanti. The game starts at 9:30 EST, so I plan to get there around 8:30. If you're not familiar with Ypsilanti, it's just outside Ann Arbor. This BWW is nine miles from Michigan Stadium, so it's easily Uberable. The address: 216 James L Hart Pkwy.

And then on Saturday, Tyler and the guys from The Board Room will be at a football game watch in Las Vegas. Check Tyler's posts here for the location if you want to join them. The game is at noon Ann Arbor time, so that's 9:00 am in Vegas.

See how this will go? Tyler will cover the game and write about it and then I'll write about watching the game. Then I'll cover the football game and write about it and Tyler will write about watching the game. And then The Board Room guys will record a basketball podcast and I'll link it here and then I'll record From The Stands and link it here and then Tyler will record a video of himself losing $1,200 at the blackjack table and I'll link it here.

I'll be honest, though - I'm a bit worried about doing all of this for this weekend. I tweeted that concern today:

I just looked up the UCLA line and UCLA is favored by 2.5 tomorrow night (which is a bit surprising - I thought it would be more). Michigan is favored by 17.5, and then I'm guessing either Virginia or Baylor will be favored on Sunday. Spend four figures on travel expenses to cover the hell out of three games we might lose? WHY NOT?

I'm pretty excited about this. Basketball, then football, then basketball. Three chances to either make a massive statement or... lose a game we were supposed to lose.

And I'm excited to do some blogging as well. Been too long since I wrote articles that were not too long. Everything seems to take me five hours these days, so it's good to get back to short bursts of words.

Which means I should probably cut this off right now. Have fun, those of you (the thousands of you) going to Vegas. The seventeen of us in Ann Arbor will be watching tomorrow night.

Beat UCLA.
Beat Michigan.
Beat Virgaylor.


Chief4ever on November 18, 2022 @ 01:41 AM

Love it

timj83 on November 18, 2022 @ 03:31 AM

Love it hope at least 1 of 3 hit and it'll be very worth it. At the very least knock on wood we are competitive and have hope on all fronts God speed!

danny on November 18, 2022 @ 06:27 AM

It’s gonna be nasty cold in the Big House tomorrow. Good choice in going to the press box. I live in Metro Detroit now, it snowed overnight and more expected this morning, just a couple inches.

I’ll be at the game tomorrow. I’ve seen the last three Illini wins at the Big House. 1993 (Johnny Johnson TD pass), 1999(Rocky Harvey TD run) 2008 (Juice Williams big day). One more would be sweet.

Illiniboat on November 18, 2022 @ 06:40 PM

Thank you your service.

Illiniboat on November 18, 2022 @ 06:41 PM

Or Thank you for your service. Either way.

Nick-Chainsaw-Smith on November 18, 2022 @ 09:59 AM

Virgaylor ... haha reminds me of Nebrnoise

on July 3, 2023 @ 03:59 PM


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