The 90 Illini #78: Hank Beatty

Jun 12, 2022

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Not enough is said about the fact that we recruited a kid named Beatty and a kid named Badie and both names are pronounced the same. AND, we recruited a kid named Bailey. Beatty Badie Bailey. Say it five times fast.

We've already covered Matthew Bailey on this list, and we haven't gotten to Jared Badie yet, so I guess the proper order is Bailey-Beatty-Badie. Which is somehow easier to say. I guess technically it's bay-tee and bay-dee, so Hank and Jared's names aren't really pronounced the same. But if you hear their names on the radio - "Badie looked really good at practice", you're not going to know whether it's Beatty or Badie.

Like, say you're some student manager and one of the coaches says "take this new chinstrap over to baydee", do you go to Hank or do you go to Jared? I'm guessing it might depend on the position group you work with. The majority heard "Beatty" so they took the chinstrap to hank. All except for the OLB student manager. He went to Jared.

78. Hank Beatty

Wide Receiver
Uniform number: not yet known
Year in school: True Freshman (5 years to play 4)
Height: 5'-11" -- Weight: 180 lbs.
Hometown: Rochester, Illinois
High School: Rochester HS
Five best offers: Iowa State, Northern Illinois, Air Force, Central Michigan, Southern Illinois
Tom Cruise rating:


Rochester has won eight state titles under Derek Leonard. Last year, they lost the Leonard Bowl in the state semifinals (Derek Leonard vs. his father's Sacred Heart Griffin team) which prevented a state finals matchup of my #79 and #77 players (Malachi Hood and Jordan Anderson from Joliet Catholic) vs. my #78 player (Hank Beatty). Guess I just spoiled the #77 player there. Sorry to all of you who hate spoilers.

Beatty was brought in as a wide receiver but last year, during his senior season, he played mostly QB for his high school team. The old "start every play with the ball in your best athlete's hands" thing. He's definitely not a QB and will definitely play WR in college. Most likely slot receiver. He's the quick and shifty WR - the Mikey Dudek/Isaiah Williams type.

2022 Outlook

He's just a true freshmen, so everything I've said about these true freshmen so far remains true (lift and eat, lift and eat). But for Beatty, the other difficulty in trying to get on the field is the existence of Isaiah Williams and the emergence of walkon Miles Scott. Williams has the slot receiver spot on lockdown this fall, and I'd be willing to be right now that his backup is redshirt freshman walkon Miles Scott. Here's another spoiler: Scott will be the highest-ranked walkon on this list. And we might not get to him until August.

This gives Beatty time to develop. And, perhaps at first, it gives him time to focus on developing as a returner. He's that kick returner type (more shifty than fast), so maybe he can eventually do what a guy like Charlie Jones did at Iowa and become the kick return specialist. That job is wide open this fall, and while I expect Williams and Scott to make a run at it, perhaps that's where Beatty can get on the field sooner rather than later.

Not Badie - Beatty.


jdl on June 12, 2022 @ 01:28 PM

Props for the Jared joke.

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