The 90 Illini #83: Xavier Scott

Jun 6, 2022

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As I'm going over my list -- remember, I constantly update this list all summer, waking up early and deciding that I should move this guy from 57 to 59 and this other guy from 41 to 35 -- I'm realizing just how similar all of these bottom-10 players are. That's not an insult. These are true freshmen who will redshirt. But their stories are similar.

Stop me if you've read this three times this week. Xavier Scott was focused on basketball and helped lead his team to the state title game in March of 2021. He then decided to fully commit to football, Illinois offered late in the process, and he picked Illinois. He's an ATH who will be tried at several positions, likely ending up as a defensive back.

That's Tyson Rooks' story and that's Naviyan Cargill's story (except for the defensive back part). And it's not all that far off from Ashton Hollins' story and TJ Griffin's story. So this might feel a bit repetitive, but let's start talking about...

83. Xavier Scott

Defensive Back
Uniform number: not yet known
Year in school: True Freshman (5 years to play 4)
Height: 6'-0" -- Weight: 180 lbs.
Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida
High School: William T. Dwyer HS
Five best offers: Pittsburgh, Navy, Air Force, Florida Atlantic, Georgia State
Tom Cruise rating:


When writing his LLUOI I noted that his football recruiting tweets stopped in early May of 2021. He's tweeting each one of his offers and then nothing until the Illinois visit and commitment in January. No camp stuff in June, no "thanks for the love, FAU" tweets during the fall. In digging further, I found a local article that said this:

Injuries limited the playmaker during his senior football campaign and he ultimately decided to step away from the Dwyer boys basketball team in December to focus on his football future. Scott was the starting point guard and "leader" in the Panthers' run to the state championship game last season.

That put it all together for me. He had both football and basketball recruiting profiles online. In December, after being the starting point guard on a team that made it to the title game when he was a junior, he quits basketball to focus on his football recruitment (which is sometimes "quit basketball to fully focus on his grades/transcript so he can gain the stamp of approval from the Clearinghouse"). Whatever it was, football was his final answer and Illinois is now his destination. He's now enrolled in school, so if there was an academic hurdle, he cleared it.

2022 Outlook

I compared his recruiting story to Kerby Joseph when I wrote the LLUOI. ATH who might be tried at three positions (like Kerby was). The hope is for a result like Kerby: the fourth season, after going slot corner - safety - wide receiver - safety the first three years, the loudest CLICK heard around here in a long time as everything fell into place for him (and then a 3rd-round selection and a $5 million contract).

I'm not saying Scott is destined for the same thing, but that's the hope for any ATH recruit. Try him at several spots (2021 recruit Daniel Edwards has already gone CB to WR) and hope for a click. And if you get enough clicks, every now and then you'll get a CLICK. Here's hoping Scott is an eventual CLICK.

(But for now, redshirting and Tank Wright-ing.)


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