The 90 Illini #26: Zy Crisler

Aug 4, 2022

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Man do I want to know what Palcho said to Zy right there. When I made that screenshot (from the spring game) I named it "Palcho dad joke." I want to believe that Palcho told the new kid a dad joke and Zy looked at him... like that.

Palcho: "Hey Zy, what do you call a factory that makes products that are just OK? A satisfactory."

Zy: {that look}

26. Zy Crisler

Offensive Lineman
Uniform number: 72
Year in school: Sophomore (4 years to play 3)
Height: 6'-6" -- Weight: 360 lbs.
Hometown: Crystal Springs, Mississippi
High School: Copiah Academy
Transfer From: Mississippi Gulf Coast CC
Best offers: Alcorn State & Southern Mississippi are the only two published offers.
Tom Cruise rating:


First off, I believe it's Criss-ler, not Chrysler. I'm 96% certain that's how Bret Bielema says it. CRISS-ler.

Zy was a "discovery" by the coaching staff down in Mississippi. He was a full qualifier out of high school but only had juco offers so he went to MGCCC. He was only there one year but he caught the coaching staff's eye and they landed him in January. Because he was a qualifier out of high school, he didn't need a two-year associates degree to transfer in so he joined the roster this spring.

And by the spring game, he was a starter. Julian Pearl was out of the spring game, so it's hard to say which offensive lineman was 6th on the roster but moved up to 5th for the spring game, but the statement "Zy Crisler started the spring game" is a true one.

2022 Outlook

Right now I would say it feels like 6 guys for five spots. The six guys:

Alex Palczewski
Julian Pearl
Alex Pihlstrom
Jordyn Slaughter
Isaiah Adams
Zy Crisler

It's possible that one of the freshmen is making some noise. Maybe Josh Kreutz, Zach Barlev, or Josh Gesky is pushing for snaps as a second-year lineman. And maybe a transfer like Dylan Davis (from Furman) will come out of nowhere and be in the starting lineup against Wyoming.

But right now, it feels like it's those six battling for five spots. The three P's are all locks - Palcho, Pearl, and Pihlstrom. So then it's the guy returning from a season-ending injury (Jordyn Slaughter) and the two juco linemen (Adams and Crisler) fighting for two spots. Right now, just because he's a true sophomore, I have Crisler as the 6th man. But it's quite possible we'll see him in the starting lineup against the Cowboys.

(Wyoming, not Dallas.)


Robert on August 10, 2022 @ 04:03 PM

(Bumping this ahead of all the old posts with spambot comments.)

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