From The Stands - Indiana 2022

Sep 3, 2022

This is maybe the worst From The Stands ever. I can't really hold a consistent thought. I apparently can't write either because "hold a consistent thought" doesn't even make sense. I break when this happens, so if you want to listen to someone who is broken, recording their thoughts into their phone, while the Indiana cheerleaders all run around and hug each other and the Hoosier fans celebrate with their team while my body feels like I was disemboweled - if THAT'S your kind of thing - you're gonna love the audio below.

My main emotion: I just want to go hide. I couldn't go to the press conference - no chance I could look a coach or player in the eye. If you think you're hurting, they're hurting 10 times worse. Watching them walk off the field after a loss like this is so, so hard. I would say "I just wanted to give everyone a hug", but that's mostly because I need a hug.

As I'm typing this, one of the SID student assistants is removing all the cards that identify who sits where in the pressbox. The double-sided tape peeling off the back as she pulls each one off the desk, the same sound being repeated every three seconds, is the most annoying sound I've ever heard in my life.

It's 12:43 am. I still have to drive to my hotel. I think this is all I can write until I sleep this off and then try to write about it in the morning. There's really only one thing to say. I thought I was done saying it but it's the only thing that makes my feelings make sense right now:

We're Illinois football and we can't be trusted.


steveinseattle on September 2, 2022 @ 11:58 PM

Nope. This program is what it is.

illinikeith98 on September 3, 2022 @ 01:10 AM

Yup. Stood right there next to u with u with my son. I feel all of this pain. Fg called good that was missed and Hightower’s td not being a td. We aren’t good enough to overcome officiating incompetence

MuckFichigan92 on September 3, 2022 @ 01:30 AM

It's so damning, especially for the second game of the season. It should be a postmortem on a directional school but this was snapping defeat from the jaws of a B10 victory.

I was so heartened when BB went for it on fourth and goal from the one. Last year, he would have punted. No risk, no reward. We're Illinois football and we have to climb.

All of the enchancement went away when we threw out what got us the lead in the fourth: the defense. Umpteenth case fortifying "Prevent D prevents you from winning." To make things worse, our prevent D helps the IU QB go for 7-9 in the final drive. Their prevent D gets a sack.

Ellisrt1031 on September 3, 2022 @ 05:40 AM

Thought about going. 1 hour 15 away. Somehow, deep inside, I knew better. Told myself I would get home too late but deep inside I knew.

TheVilleIllini on September 3, 2022 @ 08:05 AM

The clown show continues

AGig21 on September 3, 2022 @ 08:32 AM

"Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results" 'It's Deja Vu All Over Again'

Eagle on September 3, 2022 @ 08:46 AM

I'd be curious about your thoughts, Robert, on why we never run a two-back set. There's no misdirection as a result and a defense can just decide "We're not going to let Chase Brown defeat us." IU did that in the 4th qtr and it worked. We didn't adjust.

on July 3, 2023 @ 03:59 PM


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