Check The Tape - Indiana 2022

Sep 8, 2022

If you missed last week's post, I'm doing Check The Tape a little differently this year. I've made the dreaded pivot to video, so now the rambling article with gifs and screenshots is a rambling YouTube video. If you heard that I was making the change and thought "Robert, will there still be rambling?", rest assured, there is still rambling.

It likely won't live on YouTube all season, though. As I noted last week, I can't make money on this through YouTube numbies. And I have statistics to back up that claim now.

Total views on last week's video (as of this very moment): 668. YouTube pays about $4.15 for every thousand views, so punching these numbers in real quick... if I monetized the video, it would make $2.77. That video took about 12-14 hours to produce, so yeah, I'd basically be printing money.

Digging deeper into the analytics, the average viewing time was 11 minutes and 31 seconds (for a 35-minute video). So hey, it looks like maybe a few people finished! Actually, I think YouTube gives you that stat. It is... 28%. So of the 668 viewers, 187 finished. If you're scoring at home:

"Ask A Mortician" YouTube channel: 1.4 million subscribers
Illini fanalyst breaks down film of recent win: 187 people watched the whole thing

So yeah, it's not going to be something that lives in public on YouTube forever. At some point, I have to actually make money at the things I create. I'm not sure how I'll go about it, but it's not something that can be monetized through advertisements; it will eventually live behind some kind of paywall. Where at least 23 of those 187 people will pay to view it.

I'm rambling again. Let's just get to the video. Illini fanalyst breaks down film of recent loss:


Ajclark22 on September 8, 2022 @ 08:14 AM

I hope you find a way to monetize this. I am one of the 187 and this quickly becoming one of my favorite things you do.

Hoppy on September 8, 2022 @ 08:45 AM

Yup, I’m one of your “watched all the way through”ers.

JeffreyJordanTouchdownPass on September 8, 2022 @ 09:01 AM

Watching this reminded me of a thought I had during that game. Just about every borderline call went against Illinois on the initial ruling, making it that much harder to have anything overturned.

ditkanate on September 8, 2022 @ 09:04 AM

Lol i definitely need a "1 of the 187" shirt!

ItsTBaggins on September 9, 2022 @ 01:25 PM

I’m not 1 of the 17, but I am one of the 187.

orngblu on September 8, 2022 @ 09:21 AM

How does an official stand under the left goal post, watch a field goal attempt go clearly left of the post, call the kick good, and still have his job? on September 8, 2022 @ 09:39 AM

Love the format

mrr1981 on September 8, 2022 @ 10:45 AM

I'm pretty sure the left tackle flinches on the field goal attempt. Watch Sydney Brown and Taz point. Slight flinch, 2 guys left of the long snapper.

Douglascountyillinifan on September 8, 2022 @ 12:38 PM

Just a painful reminder of how close we were to not only winning, but to potentially blowing them out. I hope we learn how not to lose, SOON.

sirrah1912 on September 8, 2022 @ 12:54 PM

The stripes struggled in this one. Even the terrible FS1 announcers were poking fun at the referee.

I am surprised no one has given more attention to what I thought was a missed roughing the passer call. I guess due to the other numerous mistakes it has been overlooked. Seemed pretty obvious and Devito turned to the bone head in the white hat and had words for him.

Love Check the Tape. Keep it up.

neale stoner on September 8, 2022 @ 04:00 PM

Affectionate criticism: be more succinct. Make your point and move on. Too redundant.

IlliniJoe81 on September 9, 2022 @ 12:16 PM

Yes. I was going to say the same thing. I'm one of the guys who quits ~15 minutes in and you've only covered like 3 plays.

I love your insights but it's too slow-paced and you make the same points over and over. We believe you the first time.

danny on September 8, 2022 @ 06:55 PM

Robert - Excellent. The 2022 is light years ahead of the previous CTT format.

bkenny on September 9, 2022 @ 09:49 AM

Tired: 1 of the 17 Wired: 1 of the 187

Need a shirt design centered around "that's football"

IBFan on September 9, 2022 @ 11:46 AM

Thanks Robert!

No I didn’t finish these. I’m just so extremely frustrated with incompetence.

I said it before…why throw a halfback pass from your star running back who is being keyed on every play, on a shortened field, when your moving the ball? Some of the play calls and personnel? The corner blitz from the wide side? Having a brand new safety that has to get it right or it’s a touchdown in an obvious pass situation with multiple wideouts. Who the hell is calling that?
Chase gets laid out, is hurt. Then goal line comes up and you can tell he’s not a 100%. TE Reiman pass flare to corner-no Hightower jump ball in corner-no IW quick slant - no IW motion - pitch/run to pylon no. Trips Pick play - IW, Hightower, Washington - no Devito naked boot - No Let’s run the beat up RB into a tight formation while be keyed on….great effing calls I want to watch but when I get even into game highlights I just turn it off

illini_in_stl on September 9, 2022 @ 11:06 PM

Love the format and the content. Other games may call for more brevity, but some of these calls were so ridiculous that the extra time (and angst) was necessary. Keep it up!

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