We Love No Other 6.18 - John Gasaway

Feb 10, 2023

It's early February, and Bubble Watch has begun, so it's time to talk to ESPN's John Gasaway again. He's the OG Big Ten basketball blogger, you know. He started Big Ten Wonk in 2004 (if you know, you know) and later moved on to Basketball Prospectus and then ESPN.

And he started pretty much the very first Bubble Watch column (which continues to this day). Oft imitated (by a dozen other websites at least), never duplicated. Here's his latest installment (ESPN+).

In this podcast, we talked mostly about the Big Ten. Why does Ohio State take so many two-point jumpers? Which coaches live to auto-bench players once they have two first half fouls? What's the deal with Penn State's "as soon as the ball is in the air, everyone run back on defense" strategy?

And then we talk Illini. What do the numbers say? When's the last time an Illini team blocked this many shots? And what might it look like if everything comes together in March?

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