We Love No Other 6.23 - Kevin's Basketball Travels

May 19, 2023

I met Kevin at the Nebraska game on January 10th. He was on a sojourn of sorts. Actually, I don't think sojourn is the right word. Sabbatical? He was on a sabbatical. Actually, maybe it's sojourn. He was wandering the country following his team, is what I'm saying.

This podcast episode is the two of us talking about his journey. As I say in the episode description there, when people have a few months before starting a new job, sometimes they'll backpack across Europe or will follow their favorite band on tour. Kevin decided to use that time attending as many Illini basketball games as possible, both home and away.

Was it the best year to do that? Probably not. We didn't win a single game away from the State Farm Center in February or March (road or neutral). The win at Wisconsin in late January was the final road win of the year (and Kevin couldn't attend that one). But he still learned a lot on his journey - specifically, how much fun it is to watch a game up close - and he talks about it all in this episode.

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