From The Stands - Toledo

Sep 3, 2023

I won't be writing about the game tonight. I nearly fell asleep at the tailgate this afternoon before the game. I more or less ran the car 89 miles past when the gas light came on and will barely make it to my bed tonight. I'm going to sleep for ten hours (and then write about this one in the morning).

So for tonight, all you'll get is a From The Stands. A FTS where I basically just talk about the Altmyer throw to Casey Washington. Tomorrow, we can get into everything else. Tonight, I just want to think about that throw and catch.


Efremwinters84 on September 2, 2023 @ 11:12 PM

Well, only one thing in this game happened as I predicted............and that was our offensive production. I had the Illini winning 27-13, and playing a strong 2nd half.

  • Our running game has concerned me all along, so I thought we might get to see the Freshmen play and show their stuff just a bit
  • Altmyer was surprisingly good
  • Last year's defensive coaching staff was excellent at making adjustments to shut down the opponent. I thought that would carry over to 2023
  • I was shocked at how we lost the line of scrimmage (to a MAC team) on both sides of the ball

IlliniJoe81 on September 3, 2023 @ 12:06 AM

We always lose this game. I’m still shocked that we got the W.

ktcesw on September 3, 2023 @ 06:27 AM

BB playing "not to lose" will bite this team in some games and almost did yesterday! These guys deserve chances to play to win!

uilaw71 on September 3, 2023 @ 07:07 AM

Wouldn’t have seen the 5-7 tweet, since I and the majority of your subscribers were on Slack - where you belong! Wake up and and get off the 6-6 treadmill. We found a way to win a game we’d have lost last year.

Loyal2u on September 3, 2023 @ 08:35 AM

Robert, you deserve the sleep. Enjoy dreams of a minor bowl and I look forward to whatever you publish next.

tgb on September 3, 2023 @ 01:52 PM

Why didn't we throw to the tight end after the first series? Sorry this is a late question but we just got home after staying in Champaign after the game.

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