IU 73, UI 65

January 04 @ 03:05 AM CST

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Didn't watch the game, but these items jumped off of the stat sheet to me:

Kipper Nichols: 16 minutes, 2 points (1-6), 5 fouls, 2 rebounds
Aaron Jordan: 30 minutes, 2 points (1-6), 3 fouls, 4 rebounds
Free Throws: IU 25-35, UI 7-12
Turn Overs: IU 15, UI 21, IU 22 points off turnovers, UI 10 points off turnovers

Looking at those stats, it seems amazing that the Illini only lost by 8 points. -18 points at the foul line and -12 points on turnovers, plus two starters having a dismal night.

Looks like it was a great game for Ayo (4-6 from 3) and Da'Monte was 2-2 from 3...

No minutes from Samba Kane?

HiggsBoson on January 05 @ 01:55 PM CST

Giorgi was 8-9 from the floor, so a great game from him as well. No idea why Samba didn't play. I guess just one of those inscrutable Underwood things. Like reportedly telling our best player (Frazier) not to shoot so much so Ayo can have a turn. Frazier's game is suffering accordingly. Wouldn't surprise me to see either or both transfer out. Actually, it wouldn't surprise me to see any, or all, of them transfer except for Underwood's kid, and Giorgi, who seems to be having too much fun.

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