What kind of bag is suitable for summer?

June 12 @ 09:04 PM CDT

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In the summer, it gives people the feeling that the sun is very strong, the temperature is very high, and it can be sweating with a little movement. So in summer, you can't use thick and airtight bags. Otherwise, they will be killed by themselves. If you choose a backpack back pad and shoulder straps that are not breathable, it will bring a more awkward feeling, and if you carry a closed extra large canvas tote bags with zipper for a long time, the sweat is not controlled, and it is easy to affect people's health and increase the probability of heat stroke.

In the summer we choose bags, we must choose lightweight fabrics on the fabric. There are three types of summer classic casual bags: canvas, polyester and nylon. Fabrics are also thick, and the higher the thickness, the better the quality. Since the hot weather is an inevitable factor, we generally choose 200-400d fabrics. Because this thickness of the fabric is light and breathable.

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