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October 4, 2020 @ 11:50 PM

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Robert - what is the difference in content btw the orange and blue memberships? The season forecasts - will orange have to buy them separately? I enjoy your work and will sign up and know you have said you wont become a Ryan Evans but any thoughts on having some additional recruiting info, whether your individual thoughts on how things are looking or others weighing in on the state of our teams?

Robert on October 5, 2020 @ 12:50 PM

Great question. Glad to answer.

Blue is what subscriptions have always been here - unlimited access to any article written on the site.

Orange is that plus all of the previews (they'll be sent to you as soon as they're published), the newsletter (second one just went out today), and the Slack channel (more or less a private message board).

It's on that Slack channel where I'll share my thoughts on "how things are looking", as you say. I'm not going to call Mac Etienne and give you my feel on where he's leaning (my "fans shouldn't contact recruits" rule), but I will talk recruiting and occasionally discuss things I've heard. I don't want to oversell it - I'm never going to be an insider because I'm a fan and that line should not be crossed. But I do talk to a lot of people and occasionally will have things to share. The best way to put all of that: if you're subscribing to the orange tier for insider recruiting information, don't. I won't have it.

As to the previews, they are included in the Orange subscription. If you have a Blue subscription, they will be available for sale (I've landed on $10 for the football preview, $10 for the basketball preview, $5 for the baseball preview), but Orange gets all of them.

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