A response to Robert's Fantastic Article entitled, "What It's Supposed To Look Like"

November 2, 2020 @ 08:00 PM

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Robert:  I just finished reading your article today (i strongly encourage EVERY Illini fan to join Robert's higher subscription!), and want to commend you on such a well-written summary of where the Beloved's Football Program currently stands---WOW! 

You completely captured where my head is at and how I, as a diehard fan even though my first Illini football game as a freshman ended in a 0-0 tie (the inglorious opener for the Gary Moeller experiment!):  it didn't matter that the Illini failed to score that day because this was MY first Illini Team and all was right with the world that day back in 1977! 

However, after decades of inconsistent results and HORRIBLE play calling and coaching [I still have nightmares of the infamous first down running play that Moeller called ALL day long at my first Illini game (a dive play to Wayne Strader) and became convinced that Moeller thought he could run the Bo Schembechler offense in Champaign after one game!!], your article struck a chord for me!  It is so very sad that Lovie sits Barnes, our best player in game #1, and continues to have his DB's ill-prepared for a Big 10 passing game--he seems too set in his ways to try anything other than his "stock 2-deep" alignment on D!!  

Tell me again: How many days until the Beloved Illini basketball season begins?  THANKS for sharing your Illini passion with me and your loyal readers---you always have your finger on the Orange and Blue pulse!

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