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July 27, 2016 @ 03:41 PM

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It's official - they're adding a beer garden to Grange Grove! I attended the Fan Council meeting the other night, and they revealed that this year they're adding a Beer Garden tent to Grange Grove. It'll be an enclosed area (for liquor license reasons), and they'll check IDs. Tent should be big - will hold 300+ people. Last call will be approximately 30 minutes before kickoff. The rest of the Grove will still be BYOB for tailgaters.

Great move DIA! Grange Grove was a hit last year that built on itself throughout the year - glad they're going to keep adding to it.

Other tidbits from the meeting:

  • Expect pregame country concerts in Grange Grove before the UNC game (9/10) and Homecoming vs. Minnesota (10/29)

-There will be a big marketing push for the UNC night game - hoping to get a great early season crowd there.

-Lots of talk about the new "Hail to the Orange"/"Oskee-Wow-Wow" marketing/poster campaign. First time they've had a consistent brand campaign across all sports, and really getting great feedback and publicity.

-Football season tickets are currently just over 26,000 with a month to go. So far solid increase year-to-date over last year's numbers - big spike right after Lovie was announced. Still expect a number of student season tickets sold in August to boost numbers. And single game sales are all solidly above last year's numbers at this time. UNC game the most with about 33k sold so far.

-For basketball - there will be 19 home games this year. Final schedule should come out in August.

-No plans to change the primary "I" logo to the shield (which will remain a secondary mark), but we may start seeing the shield on more types of apparel since Nike's 2 year exclusivity window is done.

-Finally (the most depressing number they shared) - our football revenue projections are $7 million for the season. tOSU averages about $6-7 million per game. Yikes.

Illinimac68 on July 28, 2016 @ 07:49 PM

Good to hear about the beer garden. They have such things elsewhere. At the University of Washington it's open at halftime.

nicolesmith on June 11, 2020 @ 07:11 PM

I totally agree with you Illinimac68, it is best while searching in

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